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    Hola, I’m Taime, the singer/songwriter/creator of the band Faster Pussycat. I created Face Downe Leather Works because I found that besides music, I have a lot of fun creating and designing things with leather and hardware.

    How it started was, the first thing you do when you get a motorcycle is make it your own, and personalize it.There was no place to stash my junk on my bike! I couldn't’t find many bags that I thought were very cool or unique. So I decided to make my own. I had done some leather crafting in my pre-pussycat days that landed me a job at Retail Slut back in the Melrose heyday. Don’t get me wrong, there were a couple cool bags out there. But I kept thinking “that’s alright, but what if”, and “if it looked like this, that would be bad ass!” So I started making tool rolls for my.. you guessed it, tools! Then on to fork/tool bags for the tool rolls. Next chapter was sissy bar bags, and then onto solo bags and so on. So when the ladies started asking if I would make them a purse like my cycle bags, enter my venture into purses. first up was the Abby Bag named after my friend’s character on NCIS. Next was the smaller Baby Abby and the Trash bag. Most of my stuff is one of kind, and made to order. All my bags are hand sewn, some with vintage latches and junk I find in the strangest places.

    I’ve recently made some belts, guitar straps, collars, belt hookers, a few wallets and random leather doodads! So here I am, with a new outlet for my art. Pretty soon I will be adding “build your own options” for a few of the items. Dig it!

Pussy Power Trading Co. featuring the latest Faster Pussycat swag is available here as well, so enjoy. ;)